chatbots are one of the technology advancements that answered mainly customer services problems and needs, amongst others. “Compared to traditional chats, chatbots are not handled by human persons, but software is leading through conversations”. Community network Zenzeleni like any other organisation offering a service to customers, could benefit from the deployment of chatbots. In small organizations like these some business departments and operations such as customer services are omitted or left to one or two people to handle. Chatbots can act as a layer before a customer service consultant, filtering the queries and responding to user needs, while mimicking human interaction, through the chats.

The purpose of this project is to create a chatbot for the Zenzeleni community, where the community members can ask for assistance when they are having troubles and the bot will reply with the relevant answer. The bot may have a pre-populated menu similar to that of a USSD interface, and will have it in either isiXhosa or English. This will be an Machine Learning powered chatbot, which will have a menu that will change and be set based on frequently asked questions appearing on the top.

The Team

Supervisor: Prof William Tucker

Prof William Tucker
Associate Professor of Computer Science University of the Western Cape (UWC) Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa Community-based projects:  Zenzeleni and SignSupport

Researcher: Babalwa Dumane

BSc Computer Science (UWC) undergrad degree, BSc Computer Science(hons) Candidate (UWC)

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